South Glens Falls United Methodist Church

Sunday School

“The true children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them.” (Romans 8:14)

Our policy is to have children come to church with their family.  After Time With Young Disciples, a part of the regular service, the children go to their classrooms in the educational wing.  There are groupings of Pre-K to First Grade, Second to Fourth Grade and Fifth to Eighth Grade classes.  Older children usually remain in church for the rest of the worship.

Sunday School is where young disciples experience the Gospel by dedicated teachers who model the love of Christ through everyday experiences as they share lessons geared to the learning ability of the students.  The classroom environment is one where children feel comfortable and enjoy fun and exciting activities.

Throughout the year the Sunday School joins together to participate in a joint activity or program coinciding with the Church’s Liturgical Calendar.  Participating in the Christmas Pageant is always a highlight for the children. The whole congregation and especially parents and grandparents enjoy this seasonal event.  Another time for a special activity is during the Lenten Season, while exposure of giving to others is encouraged through projects like Heifer International (

The safety of our young disciples is always of our highest concern.  The South Glens Falls United Methodist Church has a written policy to govern the safety of all and requires background checks for all persons in a working relationship with children.  The Safe Sanctuaries Policy is available for review upon request.

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