South Glens Falls United Methodist Church

Long Range Vision

“Wait, Israel, for God. Wait with hope. Hope now; hope always!” (Psalm 131:2–3)

With the Holy Spirit to guide us we envision our church in the present and the future.  Looking at who we are now as a church we then look to the future to what we want to be.  Where are we now in our Spiritual life journey and where will be in the future?

Through the visions of this team seeds of change are planted to promote Spiritual growth for all who will follow Christ as our Savior. We endeavor to grow all aspects of our church.  An engaging Spiritual life for all is our vision.

In the past our visions have brought video technology to our worship service, added the position of Youth Ministries person, help create a     building that is accessible to all and fostered dialog and interaction among our church family.  The team fostered family retreats, Sunday Worship in the park, movie nights at the church and family values.

The path to the future is through present with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Come and be part of our Faith journey.

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