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South Glens Falls United Methodist Church
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Power and Praise made possible by the Holy Spirit!
“Mary Did You Know”
CHORAL ANTHEM: “Canon of Thanks”
CHILDREN’S TIME: Please sing “Jesus Loves the Little Children”
TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: Psalm 33:1-11
MESSAGE: “Time for a New Song”
CLOSING HYMN # 219 “What Child Is This”

Upcoming Events for the Week of November 25th
– December 2nd
Sunday Worship Service – 9:45am
Youth Group – 6:00pm
Monday Women’s Breakfast – Peppermill – 8:30am
Nursery school – 9:15am
Home of the Good Shepherd Service – 10:30pm
Rehearsal – 6:30pm
Tuesday Men’s Breakfast – Country Café, HF – 8:00am
Day Nursery Ed. mtg – 7:00pm
Wednesday Nursery school – 9:15am
Bible Study – 10:00am
Open Door Mission in GF – 4:15pm
Bible Study – 7:00pm
Thursday Phoenix Rising – 5:00pm
Sanctuary Choir – 7:00pm
Friday Dress Rehearsal – 6:30pm
Saturday Christmas Show – 2:00pm
Christmas Show – 6:00pm
Sunday First Sunday of Advent
Worship Service – 9:45am
Youth Group – 6:00pm

Those battling cancer, chronic illness and unspoken needs
In Nursing Homes: Pearl Holmquist Ruff, Bob & Doris Gardner,
Dorothy Neron, Robert Brynes, Phil Corbett, Ron Hintz
Last Sunday collection – $2,660.00 Budgeted weekly collection – $2,943.39
Collection YTD – $137,555.21 Budgeted Collection YTD – $138,282.72

CHRISTMAS SHOW is this Saturday. The cast has been rehearsing and the menu is planned.
We are still in need of a couple more bakers for pies, there is a sign-up sheet in the hallway.
Tickets are available in the Mainhall today or in the office during the week. Pre-purchase
tickets are $12, tickets purchased the day of show are $15.
OPEN DOOR MISSION VOLUNTEERS for Wednesday, November 28th are Lynda Jones, Marissa
& Andy DeFoe. The 2019 volunteer sign-up sheet is on the board above the welcome center.
Please consider giving your time to help those that are in need.
COAT COLLECTION – The Mission team is collecting coats for all ages and various sizes until
Dec 9th. We are also accepting scarves, mittens, hats & boots. If you have questions
regarding size, gender or need, please see Janice Reynolds.
GIVING BEARS have been shared. We all know the drill…Take a bear, buy what is on the tag
and wrap it up. They need to be returned by Dec. 16th. You can add any extras you wish
except candy. There are many of the residents that can’t have sweets so it’s easier that way.
OCC SHOEBOXES have begun there long journey. We collected 136 boxes this year.
DECEMBER 10TH is Potluck & Movie night. We will start the evening by visiting Parks Bentley to
view the Nativity display. There is a donation of $5.00 paid at the door. After we leave Parks
Bentley we will return to the church for a potluck dinner then we’ll show a Christmas movie
after 6:00. We have not chosen the movie yet, we will keep you updated on the choice.
**Sign-up sheets for this event are on the welcome center. Please sign-up. You may attend
all or part of this fun and fellowship event.
ELVES DAY OUT is December 15th from 11:00am-3:00pm. The Membership team is hosting an
afternoon for children to give their grown-ups a chance to shop, wrap, or enjoy a quiet
lunch. There is a sign-up sheet in the main hall.
GIVING TREE gift tags are here!! See Kris Whalley if you are interested in more information.
THE DECEMBER/JANUARY NEWSLETTER is on the table in front of the office.

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