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South Glens Falls United Methodist Church
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Power and Praise made possible by the Holy Spirit! PRELUDE BY PHOENIX RISING: “Days of Elijah”; “From the Inside Out”; “Hosanna” WORDS OF WELCOME AND ANNOUNCEMENTS *OPENING Hymn: # 462 “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” *OPENING PRAYER *DOXOLOGY …

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Prelude by Phoenix Rising: “Revelation Song”; “Just Be Held”; “We Fall Down” Words of Welcome and Announcements Opening Hymn # 140 “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” Opening Prayer Doxology and Prayer of Dedication Affirmation of Faith #881 Children’s Time Choral Anthem …

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Prelude by Phoenix Rising: “Blessed Be Your Name”; “No Higher Calling”; “O Lord, You’re Beautiful” Words of Welcome and Announcements Opening Chorus by Phoenix Rising: “The Heart of Worship” Opening Prayer Doxology # 94 and Prayer of Dedication Children’s Time …

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Prelude by Phoenix Rising “Forever”; “Blessed Be Your Name”; “Humble Thyself/Awesome God Words of Welcome and Announcements Opening Hymn 2 Congregational Choices Opening Prayer Doxology and Prayer of Dedication Children’s Time Choral Anthem Sharing Our God Sightings Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer …

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