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South Glens Falls United Methodist Church
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PRELUDE OPENING HYMN: “How Great Thou Art” OPENING PRAYER  CHILDREN’S TIME:  As children gather, please sing: “Jesus Loves Me” CHORAL ANTHEM A TIME OF PRAYER: Those in need of prayer are invited to come forward. HYMN: “In the Garden” SCRIPTURE:  …

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PRELUDE OPENING HYMN: “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” OPENING PRAYER AFFIRMATION OF FAITH #881 CHORAL ANTHEM SHARING OUR GOD SIGHTINGS HYMN: “Sweet Hour of Prayer” SCRIPTURE: Matthew 12:34b-37 MESSAGE: “Words of Affirmation” (second in a series) CLOSING HYMN: “Wonderful …

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PRELUDE *OPENING HYMN: “O Worship the King:” *OPENING PRAYER  CHILDREN’S TIME CHORAL ANTHEM SHARING OUR GOD SIGHTINGS PASTORAL PRAYER – LORD’S PRAYER:  #895 *HYMN: “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee” SCRIPTURE:  1 Corinthians 13:1-7 MESSAGE: “The Five Love Languages” (first …

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