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South Glens Falls United Methodist Church
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PRELUDE SONG OF PRAISE “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us” PSALM: Psalm 23 ANTHEM:  “Shepherd Me, Oh God” – Sanctuary Choir SONG OF TRUST: “You Are Mine” SERMON TEXT:  John 10:11-18 MESSAGE:   “I Am the Good Shepherd” SONG OF JOY: …

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PRELUDE SONG OF PRAISE “Lord, Be Glorified” RESPONSIVE READING: Psalm 22:25-31 ANTHEM: “We Have Been Told”- Sanctuary Choir SONG OF TRUST: “Abide With Me” SERMON TEXT: John 15:1-8 MESSAGE: “A Real Smuckers Story” HOLY COMMUNION SONG OF JOY: “Glorify Thy …

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Guest Pastor Don Washburn, United Methodist Minister and Active member of the Committee on Native American Ministries  PRELUDE: “Lakota Prayer” – Kevin Locke  SONG OF PRAISE: “Amazing Grace”  RESPONSIVE READING: Bonnie Webster  VIDEO  Cherokee Story of the Talking Stick – …

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PRELUDE SONG OF PRAISE: “Easter People, Raise Your Voice” PSALM: Psalm 133 ANTHEM:  “In The Garden”– Sanctuary Choir  SONG OF TRUST: ”Hail The Day That Sees Him Rise” SERMON TEXT:  John 20:19-31 MESSAGE:   “Beyond the Grave” SONG OF JOY:  “Up …

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