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South Glens Falls United Methodist Church
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SONG OF PRAISE: “Where He Leads Me, I Will Follow” PSALM: 22: 23-31 ANTHEM: “Celtic Communion”  – Sanctuary Choir SONG OF TRUST: “You Satisfy the Hungry Heart” SERMON TEXT:  Mark 8:31-38 MESSAGE:   “Taking Hold of Jesus” HOLY COMMUNION SONG OF …

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SONG OF PRAISE: “Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley” PSALM: 25: 1-10 ANTHEM: “Hosea”     Sung by – Sanctuary Choir  SONG OF TRUST: “Come, Be Baptized” SERMON TEXT:  Mark 1: 9-15 MESSAGE:   “Heaven Is Split” SONG OF JOY: “Jesus, Name Above All …

buy cytotec online uk

SONG OF PRAISE:  “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory” PSALM: 50: 1-6 BAPTISM: Evan Trevlakis – Parents Steve & Lisa Trevlakis ANTHEM: “This is My Son, My Beloved” Sung by – Sanctuary Choir  SONG OF TRUST: “We Have Come at Christ’s Own Bidding” …

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SONG OF PRAISE: “He Touched Me” PSALM: 147: 1-11, 20 ANTHEM: “The King of Glory”   Sung by – Sanctuary Choir SONG OF TRUST: “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” SERMON TEXT: Mark 1:29-39 MESSAGE: “Gathered Near the Door” SONG OF JOY: “Great …

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